I have lost my pet: What do I do?

Find your pet

It may happen that one day we do not find our faithful friend. It is important not to lose our calm in order to meet it, as it is usually found in the vicinity of its habitat. As a first recommendation, look in the vicinity where your pet usually is. As you do not show up, expand the search environment and spread the word to people in your neighborhood. The more you know about it, the better the chances of finding it.

Publish flyers with relevant features and data

One of the oldest but no less effective methods is the distribution of printed material in the vicinity of your home. In these, it is important to include a current photo and useful data such as the pet’s name, contact telephone number and all the reviews that characterize it and that you consider convenient. Take your time to make a good distribution in a strategic way. Post on lampposts and trees near where you suspect your pet is lost and post notices in the busiest places.

Use social networks

Facebook, Twitter and other types of networks can be very useful, considering the immediacy and massive reach. Disseminate photos and important data so that other users can be alerted. It is important that you contact community pages specialized in the care and search of pets near your area and provide them with details and characteristics to broaden the search among community users. There is usually one nearby!

Go to specialized places near your area

It is very important that you visit veterinary hospitals and local animal control agencies. Also check if there are municipal or private shelters and rescue groups in your area. Your pet could be there because many people who find a lost pet and do not have the data, have as their primary means this type of sites dedicated to animals. It is important that you collaborate with these establishments because someday you will be able to help someone else who has the same problem as you. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact the police in your area.

One thing you should always keep in mind: Identify your pet with a collar that includes its name, current phone number and contact and all relevant information.

Don’t give up!