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Hygiene rules to keep your dog healthy

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Maintaining your dog’s health does not only mean giving him the right food, but also implies certain comprehensive care. For example, regular exercise and taking care of your body hygiene. It is also important to maintain proper cleanliness of the objects he uses on a daily basis, such as his bed and his water and food bowls.

Let’s take a look at some effective tips to keep your dog healthy: remember that a healthy dog is a happy pet.

  • Dogs do not need to bathe very often. While extraordinary situations may occur that require cleaning, in general a regular bath every three to four weeks will suffice. If you only need to wash their paws, fill a container with water and dog soap and wash the paws in this solution for thirty seconds. Then rinse and dry the legs. Avoid the use of alcohol that could hurt your dog.
  • Frequently sanitize your eating utensils. Even if you see the dish apparently clean because your pet sweeps up everything, it is necessary to wash it regularly. Start by removing visible food debris, wash with soap and water and a dedicated sponge. Finish the wash with a hot water rinse.
  • Your dog’s bed usually needs a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning. This is because it is a place that your dog uses a lot and sometimes some pets tend to bring food and hide it there. Or they can also bring some insects that will nest in your bed if you do not have a proper hygiene. To clean it, remove any objects or toys from it, and clean the floor as you would anywhere else in the house. The bed itself can be washed like any other cushion. Remember that it is preferable to do this in the morning so that at night you can have your bed dry.

To these tips you can add providing your pet with proper nutrition, regular medical check-ups and taking your pet for daily exercise.

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