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Why does your cat sleep so much?

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Feline pet owners probably already know that cats spend a large part of the day sleeping. If this catches your attention, you should know that it is normal for a cat to sleep thirteen or more hours each day. In this article we tell you why your cat sleeps so much.

Knowing why your cat sleeps so much

A cat can normally spend between thirteen and sixteen hours each day sleeping. This number may vary somewhat, depending on the cat’s age, personality, general activity level and other factors.

Generally speaking, cats usually need twice as long periods of sleep as people. This is because although they are domestic animals, their bodies are designed to hunt other animals for sustenance.

Active during sunset

Cats are animals of crepuscular habits, so it is also normal for them to sleep most of the day or all day and towards evening they have higher levels of activity. As predatory animals, they will generally be more awake and active during periods with less natural light.

In turn, cats are designed both anatomically and physiologically to hunt for food. This continues to happen regardless of whether you feed it: your cat will have a need to hunt and is likely to do so at night.

That is, wild cats hunt and then recover energy by sleeping soundly. But a domestic cat, although it does not need to hunt for food, does need to lose energy in different ways and then recover it by sleeping soundly.

In any case, the best recommendation we can give you is to respect the periods in which your cat sleeps, even if it seems like a long time. The reality is that it is totally normal to take many naps or have deep sleeps throughout the day.

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