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Traveling with cats: How to have a better trip with your feline pet.

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In this article we are going to tell you how to travel with cats and some recommendations on the subject to avoid as much stress on your pet as possible. It is worth remembering that cats can suffer a trip as something traumatic, but if you are determined to travel with your pet, take into account our advice.

Tips for traveling with cats

  • The best option when traveling with cats is the car. This way you will be able to decrease the animal’s stress levels with your presence. You will also be able to talk to him and pamper him a little. Remember that cats detest excessive movement, crowds and noisy environments.
  • On the recommendation of the veterinarian, it may be a good idea to apply mild sedatives to calm distress during the trip. You can also use synthetic pheromones that you can spread in the environment to calm the cat through its sense of smell.
  • It is recommended that you feed it at least three hours before the trip. Then when you start your journey, it is best to fast.
  • Using the conveyor box will be very convenient. Your cat may associate the carrier box with visits to the veterinarian. But you can work to eliminate that memory a few weeks before your trip. Try leaving the box open at home somewhere quiet. You can put some snacks inside and let the cat explore it as it pleases. You can also put some toys. The idea is to make you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Try to familiarize your cat with the car before the day of the trip. This way, once the time comes to travel, you will already know the car and its characteristics. This will make the whole situation less strange.
  • During the trip, try to keep the atmosphere calm. For example, keep the music volume low and the windows closed. Avoid sudden movements. If the trip is very long, carry a leash so that when you take him out to drink water or relieve himself he does not try to escape. Do not leave it alone in the car either.

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