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Fun facts about Australian parakeets

Melopsittacus undulatus is the scientific name given to this bird from Australia.

The Australian parakeet is very particular, playful and affectionate.

It is the best option to choose as a pet.

These birds are very common not only in Spain but all over the world.

They are easy to care for and do not require much attention.

Australian parakeets are small birds, measuring up to 18 cm from head to tail.

They come in a variety of colors, the most common being green, blue and yellow.

They are very sociable birds, they usually breed in pairs, otherwise they can become depressed and die.

I invite you to discover and learn more about this bird.

How to identify age and gender

To find out how old your Australian parakeet is, you should look at the lines on its forehead.

The young parakeets have several lines in their plumages on their foreheads, while the adults have totally smooth and dense foreheads.

In addition, you can identify whether your parakeet is young or adult by the color of its eyes. Young parakeets have totally black eyes and when they are adults they have a white ring around the pupil.

On the other hand, to differentiate the sex of your parakeet when they are adults, you should look at the wax they have on the top of their beaks.

Females may be brown when in heat or creamy-white when not in heat.

On the other hand, males have blue wax. When these birds are chicks, this wax turns a pinkish color for both sexes.

Curiosities about Australian parakeets

Budgies are very playful birds, so if you have one, install a swing and a mirror in its cage.

There they will spend long, entertaining moments, either swinging or trying to interact with their reflection in the mirror.

When your parakeet wants to communicate with you, it performs certain sequences with its body.

When our bird is hot, it tends to separate its wings from its body, so I recommend placing a medium-sized container with water in its cage, you will see how they enjoy throwing themselves into the water and shaking their feathers.

Otherwise, if you see your parakeet with its plumage raised or rolled up, it may be cold, it is advisable to bring the cage closer to the sun so that they receive warmth.

These birds are very territorial and this causes fights between them. Females tend to be the most aggressive, especially during the breeding season, when they become hostile.

When you see your parakeets attacking each other with their beaks, pretending to bite each other and separating their wings from their bodies as a symbol of greatness, it is better to separate them and place them in different cages so that they do not hurt each other.

Fights can come to a tragic end, as they can cause perforations in the head and detachment of feathers, being mortal wounds for our pet.

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