How to feed a canary in a healthy way?

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If we have a pet bird, for it to grow with very good health and good vitality, it is very necessary to maintain a balanced diet throughout its life. Today, in puppyworld we tell you a little more about the healthiest food for beautiful canaries.

The most important seeds

Canaries are granivorous birds, so most of their diet is based on grains. Here are some of the seeds preferred by these little flying animals.

Negrillo: it is a seed that accelerates sexual maturity and egg laying; it is also energetic.

Birdseed: it is the seed that canaries like the most and it will be, without a doubt, the basis of their diet. It provides fats, carbohydrates and various proteins.

Oats: during the growing season, it is vital that they consume them as they provide them with mineral salts.

Millet and flax are also commonly used. Remember that if your canary is still small you must crush all the seeds well in order to avoid damage to the digestive tract.

Also vegetables

To complete the correct nutrition of our canary we must also add fresh vegetables and fruits to its daily diet, as they will provide it with the necessary nutrients. The best are:

Apple: specialists recommend it especially since it is light and can be administered daily.

Lettuce: as it is rich in folic acid and vitamin C, it is recommended to be eaten only once a week as it can cause diarrhea in the bird.