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3 ways to know your ferret is healthy and happy

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Ferrets, with their great intelligence, energy and charisma, they have earned a place among the favorite and most popular mascots. loved by humans. It is becoming more and more common to find someone with this animal, as well as the fact that it is no longer an unknown animal in many countries. places in the world.

Caring for and sharing the day-to-day life with a ferret is an extremely interesting experience, although at times a little challenging as it is an exotic animal. Contrary to what happens with dogs and cats, for whom much information is available on their behavior, the ferrets are still a largely unexplored world. For this reason, the 3 ways to know that your ferret is healthy and happy is a tool to make sure your little furry one is in the best possible conditions. conditions.

Your day to day

A ferret that does not miss any of its who takes his long naps and relieves himself regularly, is a healthy animal ready for hundreds of adventures. When a ferret is sick, many times it is evident because he has stopped eating or because he has spent more than 12 hours without having gone to the bathroom, an indication that you may have a blockage or gastrointestinal problem.

In the case of their naps that rival cats, you have to be careful. If these are accompanied by a normal feeding and defecation, and there are no signs of any health problems. such as hair loss or lethargy, there is nothing to worry about; for these small animals are capable of sleeping for up to 20 hours at a time if they are they get out of hand. Otherwise, if lethargy, loss of appetite, and loss of appetite occur weight loss, among other symptoms, there could be a problem.

No destructive behavior or defensive

To know if a ferret is happy with lifestyle, observing your behavior can be of great help. When a ferret is bored or frustrated, a situation that can occur if it does not and he is cooped up all day without any source of food or water. entertainment, he shows his discontent with remarkable destructive energy. He spills his food and water containers, turns everything in his path upside down, and and can go on like that for hours until they give him something to eat. attention.

On the other hand, when it presents a evasive or defensive behavior, hiding most of the day, hunching his back, raising his tail or snorting, means he is afraid or that he is not happy at all. This type of behavior is common in their first few days in your new home, but if after this stage you are still in the new presenting is that something is scaring you or making you uncomfortable.

This is why the absence of any of these behaviors, accompanied instead by a playful energy and is a clear sign that the ferret feels comfortable and is receiving the attention it deserves.

No shortage of games

Ferrets are very active animals and playful once they have recharged their energy, they run, jump, spin, dig, nibble on their toys, and do all sorts of things that are good for them. entertaining. Play is a vital part of their routine and they should not miss it. and discover the world, and it is their most notorious way of saying that they express themselves and discover the world. are happy and comfortable. So if a ferret doesn’t play, it means that it doesn’t feels good.

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