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How to feed a canary in captivity

The feeding of canaries in captivity may seem a trivial issue for those who do not know it in depth, but it is very important because it directly affects the health and life expectancy of the pet.

Traditionally, the diet has always consisted of birdseed, fruit and some lettuce leaves. But if we want them to grow strong and healthy, we must opt for one of the two modern variants, seeds or feed.

The feed

Feeding a canary with feed is relatively modern and has very good prospects.

The feed is manufactured in small granules, but if they are ground the canaries make better use of it and make less mess. If it is not ground, it falls out of their beaks and they mess up the same or even more than with birdseed.

They usually like seeds better than feed, so it is very easy for canaries that eat feed to switch to seeds, but those that are used to eating seeds need a period of adaptation to eat feed.

The feed has a very complete and proven composition. In addition, there are several brands and formulas so that we can choose the one that best suits our canaries.

Seeds to feed a canary

Feeding a canary with seeds is the traditional method. Canaries do not eat a single type of seed, but rather a varied mixture that can be modified throughout the year to favor breeding or molting periods.

Fruits and vegetables continue to be important. The feed already contains the vitamins provided by these foods and there is no need to add them manually, but for seed-eating canaries, fruit and vegetables must be added manually.

Also fruits and vegetables

It is advisable to put fruit and vegetables sautéed days. Cucumber is very important during the moulting season because it helps the formation of new feathers and broccoli is highly recommended during the breeding season.

In any case, if you like canaries and have decided to commit to their care, the most important thing is to keep an eye on them to see how they react to different types of food.

Watching them frequently and caring for them is as necessary as buying the best feed on the market.

Also, keep in mind that these are general tips. If you do not intend for your canaries to have offspring, or you do not have a male and female pair, you will not need to be so vigilant during the breeding season.

Source: freadspets.com