How to cut the cat’s nails

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If we are going to have an animal at home, it is essential to get used to the cleaning and care habits it requires. In the case of cats, nail trimming is one of those tasks that we can not miss, as it affects both the animal, as well as the owners and the house where the pet is living.

The tools

This is a matter of taste, but first of all, ask your veterinarian what you should use or what he/she thinks is more convenient. Scissors, traditional nail clippers, adapted nippers, any method will do as long as the blade is sharp. Otherwise, the animal could be harmed.

The procedure

Cutting nails is not easy, so don’t get depressed if you can’t cut all twenty at once. Try to get someone to help you by holding the cat, as this makes your task considerably easier, but, if you can’t, you will have to hold the cat firmly to keep it still. With the thumb, press down on the finger so that its retractable nail comes out and performs a quick cut at the tip.

You must remember that cats have blood vessels in their nails, so be careful how much nail you cut. In case you make a mistake, it is best to have a jar of antiseptic powder or other bleeding solution ready.