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Really impressive animal documentaries not to be missed

If, like us, you are a great lover of the animal world, this post is for you, because we are going to recommend some really fascinating animal documentaries. Ready for a wild marathon this weekend?

animal documentaries

Animal documentaries you have to see

The Emperor’s Journey

We start with a documentary about the friendly penguins, specifically about the emperor penguin.

Every year, these animals undertake a journey to the Antarctic, a really hard and complicated region to inhabit due to its extreme temperatures, which can reach 40ºC below zero.

We assure you that you will fall in love with this documentary, because it follows the journey of a family of this penguin species whose main mission is the survival of themselves and their species.


We think that Life is much more than a documentary about flora and fauna… It is a BBC documentary series that talks about and reveals great secrets of life on planet Earth.

A complex documentary divided into 10 episodes that took four long years to shoot.
In addition, each episode focuses on one of nature’s wonders: mammals, insects, hunters and prey, plants, primates, reptiles and amphibians, fish, creatures of the deep, birds and life’s challenges.

Deep Blue

A spectacular feature-length documentary that tells us about and delights us with life under the sea inspired by the Blue Planet, a serial documentary that became very popular.

We are talking about 3 years of filming to obtain this documentary that shows us more than 200 places of the geography of our immense planet.


The last lioness

Highly recommended!

This documentary follows the lioness Lady Liuwa, found in the Liuwa National Park in Zambia.

What is striking and gripping in this documentary is that Lady Liuwa is the only one of her kind in the area where she lives. This fact means that he has to live in solitude and lead a life that revolves around his own survival.

It is impressive how, the solitary life she is forced to lead due to poaching, makes Lady Liuwa end up accepting the camera that accompanies her as her ally.