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How to clean your dog’s paws after a walk

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People usually wipe their shoes before entering the house on the doormat. There are even those who take off their shoes before entering to maintain the cleanliness of the home. But what about your canine pet’s paws? In this post we tell you how to clean your dog’s paws in an easy and efficient way. This will help you to keep everything clean inside the house and also, your dog will be able to have a good hygiene.

You may have seen in some cases that certain people have trained their pets to wipe their paws on the mat. However, this is not a good idea for several reasons. First, because it is a training for your pet that can be very complicated, because it will be difficult for your dog to understand what you want from him. In addition, the bristles of the mats are usually quite hard and could hurt their pads. In any case, it is important that you pay attention to the cleanliness of their paws after returning from a walk.

Cleaning your dog’s paws

When your dog is on a walk, his paws are in direct contact with all the dirt on the ground. They may step in urine and feces from other dogs, in addition to any garbage that may be on the street. So it is an important task that you should not neglect to clean your dog’s paws when you return home.

The reality is that you can’t be washing your dog every time he goes for a walk with soap and water, as this can be harmful to his skin. Remember that overdoing your pet’s bath can result in harm to your dog.

That’s why you can choose disinfectant wipes with which you can clean their paws in the right way. Of course, you have to choose special products for dogs, as these have been formulated to protect the ph of their skin. You can find these products in pet stores. This type of wipes can also be used on your dog’s muzzle if it gets dirty.

Another option that you will be able to get are paw cleaners. This type of product consists of a kind of tube with silicone bristles inside. The tube is filled with water and your dog’s paws are inserted into it. After that, they are rubbed a little with the inner bristles of the tube. Then you can dry the legs well and be sure that they are clean.

Why take care of paw hygiene?

After a walk, your dog’s paws will be impregnated with dirt from the street. Not only can they stain carpets and furniture, as well as your own bedding, but they will also proliferate bacteria.

This will increase the risk of diseases that can be very harmful to both your pet and the people living in the house. They can also bring substances capable of generating allergies in people, especially if there are small children at home.

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