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Learn the signals your cat gives you

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It is natural that while living with a pet you learn to detect some signs that show you whether he is happy, angry or hungry. Probably if you are attentive to the signals your cat gives you, you will soon learn a lot more about his character. In this post we tell you about the most frequent signals your cat gives you to show its emotions.

Signs your cat gives you

Felines tend to show their emotions in a very different way than people. In fact, your cat’s signals of affection are very subtle, so you must be attentive to understand your kitty.

For example, if your cat rubs against your legs, it will be a sign that it feels safe and calm. If, in addition, when you approach him, he lies down or lies on his belly, it is also a sign that he trusts you and has an important connection with you that generates trust.

Remember that you should not force things with your cat, because the safest thing is that in a situation where you force him to do something he will run away. It may even scratch or bite you.

If you notice that your cat becomes nervous when you show affection and runs away if you try to grab him, try talking to him in a soft and affectionate way so that he notices the tone of voice. This will be able to reassure him and learn from you as well. On these occasions, you can give him some edible treats so that he associates the behavior with pleasant things.

Cat love

Cats can have particular ways of showing us their love and affection. One of them is when they squint at you. This type of non-physical contact speaks volumes about the bond you can have with your kitty.

Another way they show their affection is when they sit next to you and brush their tails against you. The typical purr of a cat can also be a sign of affection when they emit it very close to us.

A sign of your cat’s love is kneading. In this case, cats can sit on your legs and move their paws as if they were kneading bread. If a cat licks you, it is another sign that it has a strong bond with you. And if he gives you little bumps or head butts, this is also a body signal he will give off to show you that he loves you and has a special connection with you.

Of course, cats can have differences in their character. What is important is that you learn to discover and interpret those signals that it gives you on a daily basis so that you can live together in greater harmony.

A cat that spends time by your side, sleeps confidently near you or simply stays next to you in the same room is a cat that has an affectionate bond with you. Remember that cats are felines and can sometimes show their wildest sides, but always show you their affection as well.

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