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How to care for a pregnant dog

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If your dog is expecting puppies, her body will undergo some changes and will probably need some special attention. Taking care of a pregnant dog is not an impossible mission, but it is necessary to be aware that changes are coming and that her health and that of the puppies that are growing inside her must be preserved. In this post we have prepared some tips that can serve as orientation and guidance for the care of your canine pet when it is going through this moment of its life.

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Caring for a pregnant dog

During the process of your pet’s pregnancy, there is a good chance that everything will go perfectly. This is because nature with its wisdom will act on your dog’s body so that she remains healthy during pregnancy and so that her puppies grow healthy and are born strong.

However, it never hurts to give your pet some extra pampering and care during this period. The first thing you may want to consider is that your pregnant dog’s environment should be stress-free and calm. Your space should be comfortable, with a soft, warm bed where you can rest in peace. It is very likely that the further along you are in your pregnancy, the more you will seek rest.

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It is also good that you avoid situations that can generate stress to the mother-to-be. For example, excessive noise or very territorial dogs that may affect her. An additional pampering you can give her is a gentle massage on her back or head to make her feel very loved.

Another aspect to take care of is the temperature of the environment in which your dog is. You should avoid extreme temperatures: both too much cold and too much heat can adversely affect your pregnant dog. A very high temperature can lead to hot flushes and loss of appetite, while extreme cold can make the bitch sick and affect the puppies.

Remember that to take care of your pregnant dog you should not let her sleep outdoors or expose her to the rain.

Deworming and vaccination

It is recommended that before your dog becomes pregnant, she receives the appropriate controls such as deworming and vaccinations. This will minimize the risks of suffering from different diseases and your health will be better during pregnancy.

However, it is possible that your dog’s pregnancy status was unplanned. In that case and if your controls were not up to date, it is advisable to consult your doctor. This pet health professional will be the best person to recommend what you should do. It is true that deworming is important, but if your dog is pregnant, giving her some medicines could affect the puppies.

Proper hydration of your bitch is also important, because lack of fluids can adversely affect the mother and puppies. You should always make sufficient fresh water available to the pregnant mother. In summer it is much more important, since high temperatures could lead to dehydration.

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