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How to care for a baby bird

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Although they are not domestic, on many occasions we find a baby sparrow that has not been able to maintain its flight and has ended up crashing to the ground. The end, we already imagined it, we did not resist the temptation and we ended up turning it into our pet. In principle, this is not a good idea; sparrows, like any other wild species, have the ability to call their parents, and the parents tend to return to meet their young. However, if it is in a dangerous area, because of heavy traffic, because there are dogs or cats, or if it is injured, the chances of survival of a sparrow are very slim.

How to care for a sparrow

Sparrows are very delicate animals. If you have caught one, you should feed it every few days, if it is still not eating on its own. They are usually accustomed to having their mother fill their crop every fifteen minutes, although feeding every two hours may be sufficient.

To feed it, prepare a porridge made with cornmeal, or bread soaked in water is also acceptable. It has to be somewhat liquid for two reasons: the first is so that the bird does not choke on it, and the second is because it will be drinking water, as such small birds do not know how to drink and are in danger of dehydration. With your fingers, or with a stick, or a small syringe (without a needle), you introduce the porridge into the bottom of the mouth (of the beak).

You can also make the baby food with baby food paste, baby food, add boiled egg, and even boiled rice ground with water.

Once it is able to eat on its own, you can feed the sparrow fruits, vegetables and birdseed.