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Damn flea!

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One of the greatest horrors for every cat dreamer (after the fear of disease, of course) is to find a damn flea crawling around the animal’s body.

Damn flea

The presence of a specimen indicates that, most probably, there is a plague spread through the coat. In the case of fleas, in addition to being unpleasant and annoying for both humans and cats, they can cause diseases.

Flea bites can cause allergy in our pets. Because of the adventurous nature of the cat, fond of escapades and interacting with stray cats, it is important to take extreme precautions, as they are more prone than dogs to fleas.

The sooner the better

It is advisable to accustom the cat to bathing from an early age. In this way we will be able to control that the animal receives an adequate hygiene. There are shampoos that combat and prevent external parasite infestations. In addition, frequent brushing is a way to observe if there are undesirable tenants in its coat.

Anti-parasite collars are available on the market, but some people are reluctant to use them, especially if the cat is in the habit of removing the collars or spends time unsupervised, for fear that the animal will get hooked and hang itself with the collar. Or there is even the fear that he will eat or chew on the collar and become intoxicated.

Ideally, the veterinarian should advise us which specific product, depending on the age and weight of the cat, is ideal for it. Not all products are suitable for cats, even if we believe that because they are for dogs they will work. Dogs and cats are worlds apart.