Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in the dog must be treated to rule out future problems. Just as a person feels anxiety about certain issues, so does a dog. The important thing is that the veterinarian evaluates if it is a problem that deserves medication or if he only gets excited when you leave him alone at home.

Do not promise in vain

Learn not to tell him/her that you will take him/her for a walk if you are not sure about it. Do not promise him in vain and you will see that anxiety will not even appear in his organism. Of course, when he grabs his leash because you name him the word “walk” or something similar, take charge and do not play with his feelings because you will make him suffer a bad moment. The dog is a living being like you and deserves to be respected, so give him all your love and take care of him as he deserves without overprotecting him.

Sick overprotection

Just as parents who are constantly on top of their children suffocate them and end up suffering from illnesses or symptoms, the same thing happens with dogs. Overprotection makes you sick and instead of doing you good, you will achieve the opposite. Show him your affection, indulge him in some of his whims but don’t make it a habit. Remember that love is freedom and he must also have his space, play with other dogs, with cats if he likes them too and live as healthy as possible in every way.

Anxiety in dogs caused by humans

Always remember that a dog is not a human. With this I want to tell you not to compare him all the time with you or with other people, since he will not always react to certain stimuli like you or like someone you know. It does not mean that he is not intelligent, but that he does not think in the same way as a person, but he does act by repetition, so if you teach him well, the dog will be very educated and this will not only be good for you but also for himself, since he will have many tools to be in society, to not get upset in vain and to always be happy.

A dog is a member of your family so take care of him, protect him but give him freedom to be a dog and enjoy his animal condition without having you constantly on top of him. He will know you are there for him when he wants to seek you out to play, to ask you for food or demand a walk in the park.

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