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Do cats need to have their hair cut?

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It is often thought that cats, our domestic felines, only need to have food and water and a clean litter box. However, this is not really what happens, since like any living being, they need certain care. In this article we are going to tell you about whether your cat needs a haircut.

In general, it is not recommended to cut your cat’s hair. In fact, it should only be done when it is essential. And if there is no choice but to cut the hair, this should always be done under the supervision of the veterinarian or a specialized groomer.

Cats haircut

There may be times when there are doubts whether to perform cat haircuts or not. In the vast majority of cases, this is related to the presence of knots in the cat’s coat.

Some breeds are more prone to knotting. For example, Persian, Angora or Himalayan cats. In case you have a cat of this breed that has developed knots in its coat, it may be necessary to take it to a veterinarian or groomer to have those knots removed in the most professional way possible,

In such a situation, your cat’s coat will generally be able to renew itself and become healthier. However, be aware that taking your cat for a haircut will become a traumatic experience for your cat. In other words, your pet cat may suffer a high level of stress with the visit to the groomer or veterinarian for a haircut.

This is a process that will make your cat suffer a lot of anxiety. It should be remembered that cats’ skin is very sensitive and can suffer greatly from cuts.

That is why you should only cut your hair when strictly necessary and always under the supervision of a professional.


There are some actions we can take to ensure the health of your cat’s coat. These actions can be done at home and in many cases you will avoid getting knots that make you have to cut the hair of the cats.

For example, regular brushing will prevent knots. This should be done at least twice a week. To find out what type of comb to use, you can follow your veterinarian’s instructions. In reality, cats can have different types of fur depending on their species. In the market you can find different brushes designed for each type of cat hair.

On the other hand, brushing can be beneficial for your cat, as it stimulates blood circulation. In addition, it will also reduce the risk of your cat getting hairballs in the stomach.

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