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Dog hair

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Dog hairDog’s coat is an important base to protect from diseases, it helps in the change of weather, keeps him warm and gives him the temperature he needs, it must be periodically treated and cared for in all dogs.

We must deworming We should also ask the veterinarian about any product that can be used for the dog’s bath, its feeding and nutrition that should be given according to its size, breed and the characteristics of its coat. Many of these parasites make their habitat in the fur of our pets and if neglected it is an infectious focus that can affect their health.

At bath time

In the essential tips for bathing them with products that are suitable for their breed or condition, you should not use ordinary soaps or shampoos because they cause irritation and will only weaken your pet’s coat in the long run. Their baths should not exceed twice a month, as constant bathing can cause a decrease in their natural defenses and skin irritation.

The control to the veterinarian for our puppy is important in order to find discomfort and irritation both in their skin as are the parasites especially if it is inside the house, discomfort as bleeding sitesItching, itching, skin rashes and hair loss, loss of luster and hair quality.

As we can know there are different types of dog’s hair in which each one needs a special brush to be able to comb them.