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6 tips to reduce stress in your dog

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Dogs can suffer from stress for a variety of reasons and there are probably many things you can do to reduce stress. It is also important to know that stress can sometimes be due to positive experiences such as the joy of seeing you come home or bad experiences with punishments or corrections. It is actually important to reduce stress as much as possible.

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Another important fact is that moderate stress does not have to be harmful, but excessive levels of stress can trigger alterations in the pet. These can be physiological, emotional and behavioral. Reducing stress will help you have a happier pet.

A dog under stress usually has symptoms such as loss of hair and appetite, whining or constant scratching, among others. In this post we have prepared some tips that will help you avoid stress for your canine pet. Take note and ensure your dog’s well-being!

If you are stressed, so is your dog

  1. Respect your dog’s space in the house, this will allow him to feel safe and have a place to go.
  2. Look for spaces in the street where he can explore in peace, such as parks and squares and special places for dogs.
  3. Provide understanding towards your pet when it barks or has irregular behaviors, because they may be due to an organic problem or simply need attention and play.
  4. Learn the ways in which your dog communicates through body language. This way you can better understand when I am uncomfortable and you can help to improve the situation.
  5. Avoid situations that may result in conflict, such as exposing him to direct contact with other dogs that may be aggressive. It is important that your dog understands that he has a refuge in you and that you are watching over his safety.
  6. Try not to overdo it with the control towards your pet. While it is good for them to know obedience cues, it is also good for them to have some freedom to explore when they walk. It is good to let him have some freedom to choose where to sniff or explore.

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