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How to prepare your home for the arrival of a cat

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If you have decided to have a cat as a pet, it is important that you know what things you can do at home so that everything runs smoothly. You should know that your feline pet will have certain characteristics and needs to take into account before its arrival to its new home. In this post we tell you how to prepare your home before the arrival of your cat.

Why your cat doesn’t use its litter box

For example, their curious nature will make them want to investigate everything around them. That is why it is convenient to take some measures to prevent him from hurting himself. Remember that a very young kitten will not be able to tell the difference between dangerous and non-dangerous things at first, so you must prepare your home for the newcomer.

  • Keep windows and doors closed until your cat has adapted. This process may take some time, but it will prevent you from leaving the house and injuring yourself. In addition, it is important that you do not leave the house until you have had all your vaccinations.
  • Place the garbage garbage in bins that are cat paw-proof. This will prevent him from breaking the bags out of curiosity or eating something that could hurt him.
  • Store any kind of fragile or fallable ornaments. Young and even not-so-young cats can throw objects.
  • Keep doors closed of appliances such as the oven, washer and dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator. Your cat might get very curious and explore inside by entering any of them when he has the opportunity.
  • The toilet seat covers must remain closed at all times. This will prevent your cat from accidentally falling into the toilet. It will also prevent you from drinking water from it. If you share the house with someone else, you can place a note so that no one forgets to put the lid down.
  • The electrical cables The hanging pendants should be out of sight of the cats. It will be a constant temptation for your kitty to see a dangling wire and he will try to play with it. Of course, great damage can be done if pulling on the cable causes the electrical appliance such as a television or other equipment to fall. This same advice applies to any type of cord, so it is best to avoid leaving them in plain sight.

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