5 things your cat hates

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To live with a cat, it is important to know what it likes, what food is the most appropriate for its health and what are the essential appliances for its comfort. But there are some elements that most people forget and that can be a determining factor in the happiness of a kitty in your home, such as the things that your cat hates.

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Noise pollution

Loud and unexpected noises are big enemies of felines. So it is not surprising that things like the sound of a horn, vacuum cleaner, uncontrolled music, screaming or breaking objects are among the things a cat hates. And not to mention the sound caused by the bells that are usually placed on their necklaces!

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Strong odors

There are certain types of odors that cats dislike, and may even cause them to leave your home when they are too strong. The odor emitted by garlic, onions, citrus fruits such as lemon or oranges, vinegar, pepper and banana. Not to mention the smell of smoke, the smell of chemicals including disinfectants, the aromas of certain plants, among others, are part of the things that a cat hates.

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Changes in your daily routine

Routine is an essential element for cats, as it is what gives them a feeling of security. This is why moving, trips to the veterinarian and even car trips, or the arrival of strangers, affect felines so much.

Excessive caresses

Cats like to have a balance in the level of attention and caresses they are given, not for nothing are they the ones who decide when it’s okay and when it’s not. And although there are certain cats that like to receive extra cuddles, for them there is always a limit that is best respected. For this reason, it is not usually recommended to hug, kiss or treat them as if they were a baby.


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Staring a feline in the eye is one of the things a cat hates. This happens because for them, it is a clear sign of threat and intimidation, to which they will not hesitate to respond if the person is not trustworthy for them. To avoid making the cat uncomfortable when you are looking at it, it is best to blink a little slowly, avoiding prolonged eye contact.