Does your cat walk on you? We explain why

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Cats are well known for having habits and behaviors that are unusual for humans. Particularities that provoke immense curiosity in people, always with the questions: will he be hungry? are you bored? Does he do it because he loves me or hates me?

One behavior that often raises quite a few doubts is when the cat starts walking on the person, without even flinching a little. This behavior is usually accompanied later by a person turned into a cat pillow, but it is a gesture of great value. Does your cat walk on you? Te We explain why below.

Why does my cat walk on me?

Unlike other cat behaviors, a cat walking on a person does not have many hidden meanings. And it is, in fact, a token of affection.

When a cat starts walking on a person, it is demanding attention, but at the same time it is transmitting confidence and affection. Reason why this behavior is almost always accompanied by a cat curling up on the person, kneading or even licking them.

Its significance is evidenced primarily by how unusual it usually is for a cat to walk on a person. Occurring only when the cat is comfortable, anxious or eager to be groomed by its human.

What can I do to avoid this behavior?

If the person feels uncomfortable with this behavior, it is important to understand that usually the feline does not do it with bad intentions, quite the contrary. So you should not react rudely or punish him for such an action, because in his mind it is a sign of trust.

Ruling out punishment, yelling or any other aggressive reaction, the person should carefully hold the cat and leave it in a safe place. Because it is more of a spontaneous reaction on the part of the cat than a “premeditated” act, making him understand that he should not walk on a person will be a complicated task.

So the only option left is to distract the cat just before it climbs on top of the person and keep it entertained for a while. Games or caresses are quite effective for these moments.

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