3 advantages of neutering a dog


Whether you have bought a pet or adopted one, the first difficult decision to make will be to take important steps about spaying or neutering. The fact is that neutering a dog is not an easy decision to make, but it is a necessary one. On the one hand, you take away the possibility of having offspring and on the other hand, it is a health decision that allows you to be more responsible about the new pet that enters your family.

Before showing what would be the negative or positive consequences of spaying or neutering, it is important to emphasize the difference between spaying and neutering. The first refers to the removal of the ovaries and uterus of the female. In this situation, the pet must remain hospitalized in the veterinary center with special care.

Castration, on the other hand, is a procedure that involves removing the male’s male organs, and is recommended especially when there are behavioral problems with the animal. Some veterinarians suggest this option when the pet has behavioral problems, since the pet will improve its behavior and will always stay at home.

Currently, the option of spaying or neutering a dog is one of the most popular animal rescue programs. This is because it is a simple, accessible procedure and in some centers it involves low costs. Even in some European countries such as Spain and America, such as the United States, associations have been created that provide free or financed surgeries.

Here are some beneficial reasons to spay or neuter your pet.

It is healthier to spay or neuter a dog.

In some cases, spaying or neutering can prevent your pet from developing testicular or prostate cancer in old age. It also prevents them from producing unwanted offspring.

The female will not become jealous

Some owners consider spaying their female pet because it ensures that she does not go into heat during and since heat cycles can vary according to the breed and age of the dog, it is convenient to have a control of that situation.

Another advantage of sterilization is that it will eliminate the annoying behaviors that the dog has when she comes into heat, such as howling or urinating all over the place; acts that pets do to attract the attention of the dogs around them.

The male will stay close to home

One of the things that unneutered dogs generally do is run away from home to look for a companion. They often make holes in the garden to escape from the home or scratch doors to get them open. The danger of letting him out is that he may be kidnapped, hurt or get into street fights with other dogs.

One of the advantages that neutering will allow is that your dog will improve his character and will focus more on his human family and will not continue with the habits of urinating or spraying any area to mark his territory. In addition, aggression problems will decrease if castration is chosen.