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5 keys to improve coexistence with dogs when children are present

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Dogs can suffer from the arrival of a new member of the household. That is why in this article we give you five keys so that the coexistence with dogs at home flows and there are no problems. It is important to know that although animals, and dogs in particular, do not experience jealousy in the same way as people, they can develop certain behaviors to attract attention. When a baby arrives in the family, dogs may feel displaced and may seek to attract the attention of the baby’s parents.

Sometimes, babies can be perceived by dogs as a rival to compete for the attention of the head of the household. The idea is to carry out some actions to improve coexistence and, in fact, to prevent possible disorders at an earlier stage.

How to improve coexistence with dogs and children

Starting at a young age

The ideal is to create occasions for children to interact with animals from an early age. The intention of this is to have a relationship based on respect and trust. In turn, this will prevent the animal, in this case the dog, from perceiving the child as a threat.

Monitoring and supervising

Even if the coexistence is fluid, it is necessary that the children’s relationship with the animals be supervised and constantly monitored. Since they are animals, it is sometimes possible that they react aggressively. An example might be when you are sick and the child touches you on an affected or painful area. In response to this, the dog may instinctively react aggressively.

Child-free zones

In a house, you can create areas where children cannot access that are exclusive to the dog. In this case, your pet will be able to access them when it does not want the interaction. It can be a kennel and it is important that children learn to respect the pet’s private space.

Respect sleep and nutrition

It is important that children quickly learn not to disturb pets when they are eating or resting. It is a fundamental part of living together to learn to respect each other’s needs and that includes pets.

Professional help

If you are thinking of adopting a dog and there are children in the house, it may be an excellent idea to seek professional advice from your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist. This can be key to ensure that your pet’s arrival home is harmonious and your home has the peace of mind that everyone craves.

Respect for animals

Respect for animals is a lesson that should be learned from a very young age. It is necessary for parents to teach their children to treat pets with affection and respect, always remembering that they are living beings that deserve to be treated well.

It is also important to always avoid rough handling of the animal by small children. Such as ear or tail pulling or other actions that may be painful or annoying.

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