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What are the best cat toys

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Our domestic felines, cats, love to explore and play. They are usually very curious and can spend hours chasing something or simulating hunting. In fact, your cat’s playtime also means they are training their feline skills. In this article we tell you which are the best cat toys you can get.

Of course, while each cat may have its own character, personality and characteristics that make it unique, they also often have commonalities with each other. And this applies to the skills your kitty possesses. With the right cat toys, you can stimulate and enhance these skills. In addition, your cat will love to have objects to exercise with.

Cat toys

Cat toys are recommended because domestic felines like to play and entertain themselves. With the right toys, they will be kept entertained while exercising and staying in good physical shape.

As a general recommendation to take into account, the safety of the toy itself is important. This implies that the object must be large enough to prevent the cat from swallowing it. In addition, it must be made of materials that provide safety. For example, cotton, wool or non-toxic fabrics. It is also necessary that it does not have small parts that could be dangerous.

Toys that fit their needs

  • Hunting toys. Cats are hunters by nature. Therefore, the best toys for cats will be those that imitate their prey. For example, toy mice, birds or fish. With this type of objects, cats can stimulate and develop their hunting instinct.
  • Balls and feathers. Cats tend to like toys with feathers. This is because they will play chase. Balls are also an excellent option for kittens.
  • Toys with sound and lights. In the market you can find cat toys with sounds and lights. These are also capable of stimulating your cat’s inner hunter. Some of these objects mimic the sounds a mouse might make while running. Other objects with lights will allow your cat to chase the lights and have fun with them.
  • Pointers. This is another option that your cat will really love. The light pointer is an interactive toy that allows your cat to stay in shape while playing dynamically. Some toys of this type incorporate different forms of lighting such as red light with patterns, white light for illumination and even ultraviolet light that will allow you to see the traces of urine that the cat may have left in the house. They are small, easy-to-carry toys and some of them have fast charging
  • Interactive. In this case, it is a much more sophisticated type of toy. These are devices that can be programmed to make the cat perform some action and then achieve a reward. It is a good option to keep your cat entertained and stimulated.

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