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3 easy signs to teach obedience to your dog

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Teaching obedience to your dog is very important for him to have a proper socialization process. This will prevent problem behaviors in your pet and will also ensure that your dog will respond quickly to the signals you give him.

It is important to know that through training, dogs can improve their impulse control and acquire good manners. In addition, sometimes a dog’s ability to respond to signals can be a way to protect your life in risky situations.

Signs to teach obedience to your dog

  1. Seated. It is important that your dog learns to recognize when you want him to sit. Sometimes the dog learns to sit when you ask him to because he responds to your body language. To distinguish this, you can say the word “Sit” without moving and your dog will probably not follow the command, whereas if you accompany the word with movement, he will most likely sit. To get him to respond to the word, you can do a gradual process of indicating the command along with the body position and gradually decreasing the posture and emphasizing the word. Remember to give him rewards when he achieves the goals.
  2. Quiet. Learning to sit still is extremely important for a dog, especially in a context where its life could be at risk. To help him learn this, try gradually extending the space until he learns to stay still as often as necessary.
  3. Here. The reality is that it is often easy to call your dog and have him respond in controlled situations. But in real life it can be more difficult, with the presence of different stimuli. What you must do is make him learn that when you call him, it is for good things to happen. You will be able to achieve this with positive reinforcement every time he responds to your keyword, which can easily be Here. Remember not to call your dog for punishment. On the contrary, the association must be positive.

Why train your dog

The relationship between dogs and humans goes back a long way. Dogs tend to be loyal, loving and fun companions. But it is important to know that for the relationship to be even better, it is important to go through a training process.

Ideally, the education of dogs should begin at a very early age. Puppies will quickly learn to behave as expected and may also develop a better character.

The training will help them to understand their limits and, of course, to obey the basic rules. Likewise, a trained dog will be able to both behave better in public and enjoy the company of other dogs and people.

Another point in favor of training is that it will help them develop stronger bonds with their caregivers. This can be achieved through communication and positive reinforcement. That is to say, every time the dog is able to obey a command, it is recommended that he receives a reward. This can be a caress, a reward or even kind words. In this way, the dog will learn that his behavior is accepted and that his handler is happy with his attitude.

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