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Indications for keeping a parrot in good condition

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Parrots in a house can be a joy. These charming birds are very intelligent and lively and can live up to twenty years. However, there are some considerations you should keep in mind to keep your parrot happy and in good condition.

What a parrot needs

Parrots are active and intelligent birds. They like to jump, climb and interact with humans. They tend to enjoy the company of people and a daily play session can be very good for them.

To socialize, it is important that the parrot can spend at least some time out of its cage each day. Of course, when you take the bird out of the cage you must supervise it so that it does not get hurt or escape.

On the other hand, it is important that you pay attention to some body signals that the bird may be feeling before approaching it. If you see it with its tail feathers flared out and its eyes pinned, it is possible that it will bite you. This may happen in case you feel excited, threatened or confused. In this case, it may even bite. If it bites you, try putting it on the ground in a safe place and walk away. The bird will relate to this as a kind of time-out that will teach it not to bite.

Basic supplies

  • Suitably sized cage. You can measure this so that the parrot can fly inside its cage and stretch its wings comfortably. The bars must have enough space so that they cannot escape from each other. It is also good to check that they cannot get their heads or paws stuck between the bars. Remember that the cages must avoid toxic materials such as lead or others.
  • Location. The location of the cage should be in a well-lit and airy place, but away from drafts. These could make your bird sick. In addition, it is recommended that it be in a place where it can have contact with people and not isolated. Remember that these birds are quite sociable.
  • Food. The food the parrot receives should be specially formulated for these birds. This way you can make sure your bird is getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive and be healthy.
  • Candy. You can provide some special treats for your bird. These are foods that should not be consumed all the time, but only on special occasions and as a reward.
  • Toiletry supplies. Hygiene is a very important factor in the care of these birds. It is therefore important that their cage can be properly cleaned.
  • Toys and hangers. Parrots are very active and restless birds. That is why it is convenient to offer them different options so that they can have fun and be entertained in their environment. The idea is to provide safe toys that give them enough stimulation to develop their intelligence. Occasionally, birds of this type that do not have adequate entertainment can develop harmful habits such as plucking out their feathers.

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