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Your dog understands you more than you think

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If you have a dog, chances are you talk to him frequently and think he understands you on many occasions.

The reality is that most dog pet owners talk to their pets many times and establish different levels of communication between them.

In response, a group of researchers scanned the brains of a sample of dogs and found that they process information in a similar way to humans.

In other words, it is proof that your dog understands you much more than you probably think.

Why does your dog understand you?

The study conducted by experts at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, scanned the brains of a group of thirteen dogs.

These pets were trained to stand still for seven minutes while receiving commands from their trainers.

The research, which was published in the journal Science, sought to determine the parts of the brain that canines use to understand the understanding they may have of human language.

The study revealed that dogs process intonation with the right hemisphere and words with the left hemisphere of their brain.

This fact has similarities with the mental processes of human beings.

In addition, they also found that dogs can recognize specific words, but the response is greater if the words are accompanied by a positive tone.

That is, dogs separate what we say from how we say it.

But they are also able to combine what we say with the tone in which we say it to achieve a much more complex interpretation of language.

Among the motivations for conducting the study, the principal investigator recalled that people love to talk to their dogs.

So the next time you talk to your pet, remember that he or she probably understands you more than you think.

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