Your dog entertained: it’s time for a good toy

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Some dogs spend too much time alone at home, or are too restless and bite everything in their path: from a cushion to a shoe. If this is the case with your pet, it is time to buy him a suitable toy to distract his attention and his bites to another object.

Some ideas

It is not necessary to have too many toys, the key is to choose those that the animal prefers. Here are some hints for your choice.

Puppies need to play to develop, and to appear they need to bite. It is therefore necessary to identify which toys he likes. Some of the most popular are plastic and leather bones, as they help dogs to develop their teeth. Some rubber toys have a built-in sound. If the dog is very restless, it is not advisable to give him this type of objects, as they may upset him even more.

Ropes and balls

Ropes with knots are usually liked by dogs, especially puppies, as well as balls. What is a mistake that can cost you dearly is to give him your own or old objects to play with, because he will no longer distinguish between his toys and objects in the house, since animal games have distinct smells that do not resemble anything else.

However, dogs only play alone when they are puppies. Afterwards, they will need to interact, so it is ideal for the owner to share a few minutes a day to play with the dog.

Cristina Bonillo