Why does your dog get excited when you come home?

Dogs are very special animals that are always ready to offer us their unconditional love. One of the nicest things we can see when we get home after a long day at work is our dog’s excitement at seeing us. This shows us what a great bond there is between us and our pets.

How dogs became our faithful pets

There are several reasons why dogs get excited when you come home. The first is that dogs are very sociable animals that enjoy the company of their owners. When we get home, our pets sense our presence and are excited to know we are back. This gives them a sense of security and confidence that makes them happy.

Your dog’s excitement when you return home

The excitement that dogs show when their owners come home has several explanations and is due to a combination of factors. Here are some reasons why dogs get excited when you come home.

  • Bonding: Dogs develop strong emotional bonds with their owners. When you leave, your dog may experience separation anxiety or worry about your absence. When you return, the emotion he shows is an expression of relief and joy at seeing you again.
  • Association with positive experiences: Your dog associates your return with positive experiences. When you come home, you are likely to provide him with attention, petting, food, play or a walk, which reinforces his excitement at seeing you.

Reasons why smell is important for dogs

  • Smell: Dogs have a very acute sense of smell and can detect odors that humans do not perceive. They can identify your scent and scent even after you have been away from home, which lets them know you are approaching before they see you.
  • Routine and anticipation: Dogs are creatures of habit and routine. They know when you usually return home and may be looking forward to it. Anticipation of your arrival can increase their excitement.
  • Social reconnection: Dogs are social animals and enjoy the company of their pack, which in the case of domestic dogs is usually their human family. When you return home, your dog perceives your presence as an opportunity for social interaction and quality time with you.
  • Pent-up energy: If you’ve been away from home for a while, your dog may have pent-up energy and be excited at the prospect of playing or exercising with you.

10 ways a dog shows affection

  • Response to your emotions: Dogs are sensitive to human emotions. If you are happy to see your dog and give him an affectionate welcome, he is likely to respond with a positive emotion.
  • Non-verbal communication: Dogs communicate mainly through non-verbal signals, such as tail wags, body language and facial expressions. Their excitement at seeing you is expressed in their body language and gestures, such as jumping, tail wagging and licking.

Affection and joy

In short, the excitement dogs show when you come home is a manifestation of their affection, bond with you and the joy of being in your presence again. This reaction is an expression of their love and desire to be close to you, which is a beautiful part of the human-dog relationship.

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