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Why do cats knock things over?

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Anyone who has cared for a cat for any length of time knows that cats seem to like to knock things over. However, the causes of this behavior are not always known. Animal behavior experts say cats knock things over for a combination of reasons.

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In this post we tell you about the most common reasons why your cat may knock things over in the house. Find out why this behavior occurs and learn how to live with your pet in a better way.

Why cats knock things over

Although cats are considered calm pets, the reality is that they are very peculiar animals. Sometimes people are surprised by the behavior of kittens. This is precisely the case of the tendency to throw objects on the floor, especially if they are precious or expensive objects.

In general, cats knock things over for a combination of natural instincts, exploratory behaviors and various reasons. Among other common reasons cats may knock over objects is their need to explore. Cats are naturally curious animals. Knocking objects over is a way for them to explore their environment and learn about the world around them. Tapping or pushing objects allows them to interact with them in a tactile and auditory way.

How do cats behave in the home?

This activity can also be considered as a form of play. If you watch your kitty, you will sometimes notice that they look at the knocked down object and then chase after it. They may well find amusement in throwing objects and then chasing them.

At other times, kittens have learned that knocking over objects is an effective way to get their owners’ attention. For example, a cat that wants attention may knock over an object and cause all attention to be focused on it. In addition, it could also happen that he has learned that when he is about to knock down an object, you quickly approach to avoid it. So you may have come to the conclusion that knocking down an object is necessary for you to attend to it.

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Cats that do not have access to the outdoors and cannot hunt real prey often engage in this behavior repeatedly. Remember that cats have a strong hunting instinct, and may knock over objects as a way to practice their skills.

Prevent them from throwing things

To prevent your kitten from throwing objects, you must keep it from getting bored. Some research shows that a stressed or bored cat may knock over objects as a way of releasing energy or coping with its emotions.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to provide environmental enrichment and mental stimulation. This can help reduce this behavior.

Either way, if you notice that your cat’s behavior has become problematic, it is important to observe your cat’s environment and behavior to identify possible triggers and solutions. Providing enriching toys and activities, as well as sufficient attention and stimulation, can help reduce this behavior. Also, make sure that valuable or dangerous objects are out of your cat’s reach to avoid accidents.

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