Why black cats are associated with witches

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Cats often have an aura of mystery surrounding them, thanks to the conditions of their characteristic feline personality. Their intriguing and mysterious character has earned them a reputation that in ancient times was often associated with witchcraft, magic and other superstitions. In fact, it used to be believed that black cats were not only the favorite pets of witches, but could also bring bad luck.

Of course, it is important to note that these beliefs and superstitions are a thing of the past and have no basis in reality. Black cats are simply common cats with a black colored coat and have no magical powers nor are they related to witchcraft. Today, many people adopt and care for black cats as loving and caring pets, and most modern societies discourage cat persecution or other cat-related superstitions.

Black cats and witches

The association of black-furred kittens with witchcraft and superstition has historical and cultural roots in various parts of the world. During the Middle Ages in Europe, superstitious beliefs related to witchcraft and black cats were widespread. At that time, it was believed that witches could transform into cats and that black cats were their accomplices. This led to the perception that black cats were mysterious and potentially dangerous creatures.

In fact, during the witch hunts in the Middle Ages, cats, especially black cats, were often considered symbols of witchcraft and, unfortunately, were persecuted and killed along with those accused of witchcraft.

Some researchers claim that cats were used in different rituals by witches. These cats were used as part of magic spells and rituals and thus became associated with black magic. This belief was reinforced by the church, which came to regard cats as symbols of evil.

Cats were also considered to be protectors of witches, as they were believed to be able to detect the presence of spirits. In addition, many people believed that cats were actually transformed witches. This belief dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was believed that witches could transform themselves into cats to escape persecution by the Church. This belief also contributed to the association between cats and witches.

The association of black cats with witchcraft was perpetuated in popular culture, including literature, film and Halloween iconography. Black cats have become an iconic symbol of this time of year.


Cats in general tend to be nocturnal animals that are more active during the night. This made them seem even more mysterious, as their behavior was in line with the idea of witchcraft and magic believed to occur at night.

Another cause that made cats and in particular black cats to be related to occult forces is their bright eyes. Cats’ eyes, especially in the dark, can glow brightly due to a reflective layer behind the retina. This was often interpreted as a sign of their connection to the supernatural.

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