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What are the best sports for dogs

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Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world, and many dog owners want to share physical activity with their pets. Dogs are very active animals and need exercise to be healthy and happy. In this article we tell you which are the best sports for dogs.

Of course, the choice of a sport to practice with your dog depends largely on your pet’s personality, breed and age, as well as your own interests and abilities. Any activity you can do together will be an excellent opportunity to spend time with your pet and strengthen the bonds that unite you.

The best sports for dogs

There are certain dog sports that are among the most popular around the world. Some of them are as follows.


Agility is a sport in which a dog must complete an obstacle course as quickly as possible. It requires obedience, agility and coordination. It’s a great way to keep your dog physically active and mentally stimulated.

Overall, agility is a fun and exciting sport for dogs and their owners and helps strengthen bonds.


Frisbee throwing is a fun activity that can be done in parks or open areas. Some dogs love to catch frisbees in the air, and it’s a great way to exercise your pet and spend time together. In general, it is a good exercise to practice with your pet.


Canicross is an activity in which you can run with your dog outdoors. The dynamics of this activity implies that your dog will run ahead and wear a harness connected to your waist.

The idea is that you use commands to build your dog’s confidence and brain, while both of you get plenty of physical exercise.


This special sport for dogs is very similar to canicross. The difference is that you will be on a bike, while your dog is running, equally attached through a harness.

Remember that this activity is recommended for dogs with high energy and endurance.


The rally can be an interesting option if you like group sports and interaction with other people and their pets. It is a mix between an obstacle course and obedience.

It can be done in different levels, where the first ones will be simple exercises performed with a leash. In this case they can be sitting or turning, on a pre-established route with up to fifteen stops. Each of them indicates what to do.

At higher levels, the exercises are more complex. In general, it is an option for teamwork.

Capabilities and needs

Whenever you decide to do a sport with your dog, you should always take into account that the sport should be adapted to your dog’s abilities and needs. Some breeds may be more suited to certain sports than others, and you should always make sure your dog is comfortable and enjoys the activity. It is also essential to start with proper and gradual training to avoid injury and promote good obedience.

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