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Are cats afraid of water?

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Although many people tend to think that cats are afraid of water by their very nature, the reality is that this is not entirely true. What is a fact is that cats come mostly from the Middle East, where water was a scarce commodity. This meant that water was hardly present in their routine. However, with domestication, many cats have learned to enjoy and interact with water.

It should also be remembered that cats do not need water to clean themselves, as they can groom themselves perfectly well. Cats can remove fat from their body with their own saliva, plus the texture of their tongue allows them to get rid of dirt.

However, despite their ancestral history, most cats tend to be excellent swimmers. Some even use water as a game and as a way to interact with their caregivers.

Reasons why your cat may be afraid of water

Some reasons why cats may be afraid of water:

  • Insulating coat: A cat’s coat is designed to keep it dry and insulated. When the fur gets wet, it can make the cat feel uncomfortable and cold.
  • Hunting instinct: Cats are natural predators and are used to hunting on land. Water can be an unfamiliar terrain for them and can be a source of insecurity.
  • Control and territory: Cats are creatures that highly value their control and territory. When submerged in water, they may feel that they have lost control of the situation, which can increase their stress and anxiety.
  • Previous experiences: If a cat has had negative experiences with water in the past, such as forced bathing, it is more likely to develop a fear of water.

Despite all of the above, many cats tolerate or even enjoy water, especially if they are accustomed to it from an early age or if they have a particularly calm and tolerant personality. However, if you need to bathe your cat or expose it to water in any way, it is important to do so carefully and patiently to minimize stress and ensure its safety.

When to bathe a cat

In general, it will not be necessary to bathe a cat regularly, as they are usually very clean and groom themselves. However, there are situations in which it may be appropriate to bathe a cat. For example, if your cat has soiled itself with something that it cannot clean itself, such as sticky substances or excessive dirt. This would be a case where you may need a bath.

Another case would be when there is someone at home who is allergic to cat hair. If you bathe your cat occasionally, you can reduce the amount of allergens in the environment. Also if your cat has skin problems such as dermatitis or skin infections, it may be good to give him regular baths. This with a shampoo recommended by the veterinarian.

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