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What are the best songbirds to have at home?

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The song of a bird has the ability to fill the people who hear it with joy. That’s why many people look for songbirds to have at home and bring a little bit of nature into the home. In this post we tell you which are the best songbirds you can have at home and some tips for their care. Remember that a happy, well-cared-for bird will sing with greater energy.

The best songbirds for the home

In general, almost all birds have their own song. Birds can sing with different tones and melodies, but there are certainly some that have trills that are more melodious and pleasing to the human ear. For example:

  • The canary. Canaries are famous for their melodious singing. These small birds have a vibrant yellow color. They are usually well adapted to life in captivity and do not require complicated care. So these sweet little yellow birds are an excellent choice as songbirds to have at home.
  • The goldfinch. It is also a small bird, characterized by its sweet song. A home with a goldfinch can always be filled with its harmonious trills. The care it requires is usually not complicated and it is one of the most popular birds around the world. Its size does not exceed 15 centimeters and it has a striking multicolored plumage. The head of these birds is full of black feathers surrounding a red mask located at the eyes.
  • The finch. It is a bird that can sing with a great variety of tones and different melodies. It also does not require extraordinary care, as it usually adapts well to different environments. Finches have a multitude of colors in their feathers and speckled and striped patterns on their wings. Depending on the subspecies, they may have different shades.
  • The parrot. Although parrots are not noted for their harmonious singing, they are very popular for their ability to learn to repeat sounds, including words. This is why parrots are often said to talk, as they can repeat tones and words perfectly. In addition, they tend to be very affectionate and form close relationships with their caregivers. It is because of these conditions that many people choose parrots as pets.

Bird care

As the person responsible for a pet, in this case a bird, you must take into account that they need certain basic care for their well-being. A healthy and happy bird will sing better and with more energy. Take note of the following care:

  • Cage. It should be large enough for the bird to stretch out and fly. You should also take care of their cleanliness to avoid diseases. Ideally, it should receive sunlight for a few hours during the day and be located out of drafts.
  • Food. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend the appropriate diet for your bird, depending on the species and other conditions.
  • Company. Birds are social animals, so they are often happiest living in the company of other birds.

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