What are the best games to play with your dog?

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Games are a vital pillar of any dog’s life, as they not only serve to avoid boredom, but also to maintain optimal physical and mental health. It is no exaggeration to say that a dog’s life is not complete without a few minutes of play a day, as these activities allow him to relax and spend quality time with his human and canine companions.

The importance of play in the daily routine is sometimes overlooked, but there is always an effective way to add a few sessions to the daily routine. For this, the first thing to do is to answer the question: what are the best games to play with your dog?

Treasure hunt

Games that combine physical and mental exercise are always the best, and this is where the treasure hunt excels. Not only is it an activity that allows the dog to use his super sense of smell, but it also allows him to activate his hunting and searching instinct.

This game can be played both at home and outdoors, using toys or treats as treasure, or whatever motivates the dog to check everything around him. Each hidden object should have a degree of difficulty so that the dog can be more entertained and face a more exciting challenge with each step he takes.


Catch the toy

There are multiple ways in which a dog can play catch with a toy, from the traditional game of throwing a ball to chasing a toy tied to a rope, the limit is in the imagination and what is safe for the dog. The most popular versions are going after the frisbee and the ball, both of which are usually played outdoors for convenience; but as long as you have a good hallway in your home, playing catch is possible.

Another version uses a rope where a toy is tied at the end for the dog to chase it, an ideal method for both indoors and outdoors.

Obstacle course

Among the games for dogs, the obstacle course is the one that covers the most areas and challenges, providing both physical and mental training, as well as entertainment. There is a misconception that an obstacle course requires equipment and a special area for its realization, but the truth is that with a little ingenuity and commitment on the part of the owner of the dog, an obstacle course can be done anywhere.

If you have the opportunity to take your dog to a “professional” obstacle course, take advantage of it, as it is a unique experience for both the human and the dog, but designing one at home always has its long-term benefits. To create an obstacle course, the person can make use of household furniture, boxes, pipes, fabric and anything else within reach.

The goal is to create something that allows the canine to exercise his mind and body while having fun, the fun acquired during the construction process is a plus, especially for people who love to challenge their ingenuity.


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