How to connect with a cockatoo

The basis for a relationship is trust, regardless of whether you are talking about other people or animals. The human-pet relationship is not something to be taken lightly, and building it is essential if you want to share your life with an animal.

Depending on the animal and its personality, bonding can take several days or even months or years, but the results of doing so are unimaginable. Among exotic animals, birds can be a difficult challenge to deal with; this is why in how to connect with a cockatoo, you will be provided with the fundamental information to keep in mind to create a strong and lasting bond between you and your cockatoo.

The first steps

The first days at home and the interaction of the cockatoo with its human companions are vital, it is here where the bird will begin the process of adapting to its new life and will start to create connections with everything around it. During this period it is crucial to make the cockatoo feel comfortable and secure, as well as not to expose it to too many new situations that may oversaturate it.

To connect with a cockatoo you need to get it to not see you as a threat, as well as to relate you to something positive for it. Sudden movements and sounds should be avoided, along with actions of trying to touch or frighten it. Everything that is done around you should be done in a leisurely fashion, giving you the opportunity to see what is being done.

Human body language plays a big role in how the cockatoo sees you, so nervous or seemingly aggressive reactions can put the animal on guard, especially in cases where you hold your hand close to it. Act in a friendly and confident manner, without abusing their space and limits.

Day-to-day interactions

Routine and daily coexistence are two of the main pillars when creating a bond with a cockatoo. Everyone in the household should interact with it to a greater or lesser extent, place its food and water, spend some time near it and talk to it; these small actions are vital for the bird to get used to and feel comfortable with human presence.

As the cockatiel becomes more confident, new interactions can be introduced to increase the bond. Games or activities such as teaching her to stand on your hand are some of the options to start with, others prefer to sing or whistle along with her, but the important thing is to find activities that are comfortable for both of you.

With time, routine and positive interactions, a friendship will naturally blossom between you and your cockatiel.


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