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What are the basic commands for training a dog?

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The arrival of a puppy at home can be a very special moment for the whole family. But, welcoming a new member into the household requires a certain training process. If you are in the position of training a dog, there are some basic commands that can help you in this task.

8 basic training commands for your dog

Training a dog can be a rewarding task for pet owners. This is because your dog will learn quickly and the socialization process can be very good. Remember that with the right patience and basic commands, the process can be much easier. These are commands that can help you achieve a better understanding of your pet. And of course, to create a relationship of mutual respect.

Basic dog commands

Training a dog requires patience, consistency and focus. To help you with the process, you can use these basic commands that we prepared in this post:

  • Seated. This is one of the most basic commands. You can teach your dog to sit by saying “Sit” while gently pressing down on his rear end. Reinforce the command with a reward when he obeys.
  • Quiet. “Quiet” is another fundamental command. You can teach your dog to lie down by saying “Stay” and gently guiding him into a lying position. Reinforce with rewards.

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  • Ven. The “Come” command is useful for calling your dog to you. You can use a treat or toy to lure him to you and say “Come” when he does.
  • Together. “Along” is a command for your dog to walk beside you without pulling on the leash. Use a short leash and reinforce when walking beside you without pulling.
  • Leave it: This command is important to prevent your dog from picking up dangerous objects from the floor. Place an appetizing object on the floor and tell him “Leave it” when he tries to take it.
  • Release. “Let go” is useful when you want your dog to release an object he already has in his mouth. Teach him to let go of the object by saying “Let go” and offering a reward when he does.

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  • Remains. “Stay” is useful for getting your dog to stay put. Start with “Quiet” and add the word “Remain” as you walk away. Reinforce and return to reward.
  • Go. This command can be useful to signal your dog to stay away from something or someone. Say “Go away” and point in the direction you want it to go.
  • Follow me. You can use “Follow me” to have your dog follow you wherever you go. Walk while saying “Follow me” and reward when it follows you.
  • Enough. Use this command to stop your dog when he is doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Say “Enough” and stop the action.


In general, it is important to train your puppy with basic commands with patience and consistency and always use rewards. These can be petting, special dog treats or words of encouragement.

It is important to know that the first commands such as Sit, Stay and Come are usually the fundamental ones. After that, you will have a base for your dog to learn the following ones.

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