We are waiting for kittens!

We are waiting for kittensWe have endured for days the screeching of our cat in heat and, now, it turns out that her amorous calls have had an effect on some cat lover. The results are in: our cat is pregnant, we are waiting for the arrival of kittens.

What you should know

A cat’s gestation lasts between 60 and 65 days. This is the period between the time the male covers her until parturition occurs. Fertilization occurs 24 to 36 hours after copulation, so it is common, in promiscuous cats, that each of their kittens is from a different father. Between 3 and 4 weeks of gestation, the breasts begin to develop, the nipples become pinker and they lose belly hair. At 5 weeks we can feel small lumps in their tummy, these are the kittens. And from the sixth week, our cat already has a round belly. Within 60 to a maximum of 72 days, the hatchlings will arrive in the world. The time of delivery is unpredictable.

Waiting care

At the beginning, we will feed the cat twice a day and increase to four times a day in the last weeks. It is also a good idea to mix baby food with their food. Trimming the hair around the nipples will help her to feed the young. A cardboard box with a pillow or sheets will serve as a burrow for the birth. If you see that the cat is weak, or does not eat or drink for days, take her to the veterinarian.