Care Tips

Take care of your pets from high temperatures

If there is something that characterizes many pets is their fur, having it has very good benefits for the health of pets, it helps them prevent many diseases, especially when temperatures are very low, besides that aesthetically makes them look amazing.

But not only the fur protects pets, also their body can secrete fluids that also fulfill the function of keeping them healthy; and although some pets have attributes that allow them to stay well, it is also true that the care provided will be important to keep them in good condition.

At every stage of the year, specific care should be provided to pets in high temperatures, but in the current hot season in many cases is when attention should be paid so that the health of the animals is adequate.

Risk Factors

Although we mentioned that the dogs’ coat is a factor to keep them healthy, it can also be a reason for their health to be affected, especially when high temperatures are the prevailing ones. The dog’s coat performs perfectly in low temperature climates, but the opposite is true when temperatures are high.

The fact that they have a long coat can cause them to perspire too much in the high, humid temperatures, something that if left unchecked can lead to dehydration. The heat is also a factor for many bugs such as ticks and fleas to get close to the animals, and we know that these types of insects carry many diseases that put the lives of dogs and cats at risk.

Prevention is best

If high temperatures hit the area where you live and you think your pets may be affected, the best thing to do is to act in time so that there are no major risks. Always keep your pets well hydrated, if necessary and there is a possibility, reduce the length of their fur, so their body won’t feel so hot in case the heat is too much.

Remember to always be aware of your pet’s health, and in case you detect any anomaly, do not hesitate to go to a specialist to be attended in a timely manner, he will provide you with the best solution so you can take care of your dog or cat from high temperatures.