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Special toys for an adult cat

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In general, all cats like to play from a very young age. This is regardless of the type of character your cat has. It is possible that as he becomes an adult cat, he may lose some of his natural curiosity or become a little less active.

The recommendation is that regardless of their age, play can add to your cat’s quality of life, while encouraging exercise and activity. Of course, playing with your cat will strengthen your relationship. In this post we have prepared a series of special toys to amuse an adult cat.

Games for an adult cat

The three main natural needs of cats are catching, chasing and listening. That is why in pet stores you will be able to find a good number of toys designed to meet these needs. However, it is good for you to learn the differences between toys that are recommended for a young cat and those that may be more appealing to cats over a year old.

For example, very young cats will need toys that allow them to get used to sharpening their nails from an early age, such as scratching posts. On the other hand, if your cat has already grown and had a scratching post, you should evaluate if it has outgrown it. A scratching post with a small post may no longer be appealing to a cat over one year old and they may lose interest in it.

Other toys that your adult cat may like are those that have sound. For example, one containing a bell. In any case, it is advisable to supply the toys a little at a time so as not to overload your kitten. And of course, as each cat has its own character and tastes, if you pay attention you will notice which ones get their attention and which ones do not. In addition, a good choice of toys for your cat will be one that it can interact with you. Your cat will love it when you play with him and it will serve to further strengthen the bond between the two of you.

  • Pursue the prey. It is a very simple game that you can make at home or buy in a store. With your chosen toy, try dragging it across the floor and stopping every so often. The idea is to imitate the movements of a small animal and stimulate the hunting instinct that your cat possesses. One recommendation is to hide the toy until it is time to play, so you can awaken their attention more safely. The objects can be rag mice or other objects that stand out and attract the cat’s attention. Try throwing or hiding them for them to look for them.
  • Catnip game. If your cat likes catnip, try stuffing a catnip toy or ball. This will make it take more interest in the object as it is filled with a scent that is appealing to it.
  • Games with balls. Although you may think that ball games are exclusive to dogs, the reality is that many cats like to play chase or catch balls that you have thrown to them. This is because the movements of the balls can simulate the movements of the prey.

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