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Reasons to microchip your cat

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Microchips for cats have become a trend in recent times. While in the past it was sufficient to place a collar with the owner’s name on it in case of loss, technology has developed other devices that help cat owners in case of loss. Microchipping your cat can be a great idea in many cases.

The truth is that your cat can become disoriented and lost. Or simply not finding the way back home. In any of these cases, microchipping can work great as long as the lost feline is taken to a veterinary center or pet shelter. This way they will be able to track your data through the microchip and you will have your pet back home quickly.

In fact, the main disadvantage of microchipping your cat is that it won’t help you find him unless you take him to a place where you can find the device.

How to microchip a cat

Microchipping a cat is a painless procedure for your pet. This is a simple and quick process that must be performed by the veterinarian. This professional is in charge of placing the device under your kitten’s skin. It is important to know that the microchip is the size of a grain of rice and your cat will not notice it.

It is a device with a unique code that is registered in a database. Your name, address and telephone number are some of the information you must leave to be registered in the database. It is also important to know what vaccinations it has and if it is spayed or neutered.

You can microchip your cat from ten to twelve weeks of age. In fact, there are some breeders who deliver the kitten with the device already installed.

Other devices

There are other more sophisticated devices on the market that can help you recover your pet in most cases. For example, GPS locators, which are able to provide real-time information through an application on your cell phone.

Although it is a larger device than the microchip, it could offer you greater advantages in ensuring your pet’s safety.

The GPS tracker can be attached to the cat’s collar or harness. This will not generate any problem or extra weight. The best thing in this case is that it offers real time tracking of your pet. Updates, depending on the model you choose, can be every two or three seconds.

In addition, the GPS range is unlimited. This means that you will be able to find your cat no matter how far away it is. It also has other functions such as monitoring your cat’s activity level.

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