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How to bathe your puppy for the first time

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When your puppy comes home, it may be natural to want to bathe him. This will allow you to start living in your new home clean and fresh. What we can recommend are some actions on how to bathe your puppy to make the experience a pleasant one.

Always try to make smooth but safe movements. This may indicate to your dog that this is a new experience and he will pay attention. Take note and bathe your puppy like an expert!

What you need to bathe your puppy at home

The first action you can take to bathe your puppy is to find a solid and stable table. This should have a rubber mat. This will prevent it from slipping and falling.

The necessary implements to bathe your dog are the following:

  • Stable table
  • Container or bathtub for dogs
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Medium size towel to absorb water and dry it.
  • Hair dryer
  • Dog brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Sponge

The bathing process

Once you have all the implements, place the puppy on the table that will already have the tub and rubber mat inside. Seeing himself at a high and unfamiliar point, the puppy will understand that it is not a game. This way you can handle it safely but gently so that it does not feel abused.

At this point you can place the towel on the table, so that it helps the mat work and also absorbs excess water.

You can start the bath with a gentle brushing. This has a double function: the first is that you will be able to remove traces of dirt from their hair. The second function is that you will be able to relax by the gentle brushing movements.

Before starting the bath, it is recommended that you turn on the hair dryer and leave it running. The idea is that the puppy gets used to the noise made by the appliance and does not panic later when you try to dry his hair and he hears the noise unexpectedly.

Place the puppy in the dog bathtub and wet its coat using lukewarm water. Check that the water is not too cold or too hot. Spread the shampoo all over the dog’s coat, using a soft sponge to help spread it.

Once the shampoo is distributed, rub the dog gently and massage it all over the body. In this way you will not only be washing him, but he will also learn to feel cared for and loved. After that, rinse the puppy’s coat thoroughly so that no traces of shampoo remain.

At this time, dry your dog vigorously with the towel. Then you can use the dryer that is still on. The air should be warm, not too hot. You can start applying the air from the dryer from the tail and avoid aiming directly at the muzzle or ears. Support your puppy on your stomach so that you can control it well.

Make sure he is completely dry and when the whole process is finished, you can give him a treat or some treats.

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