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Reasons to have two cats at home

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In general, felines are very independent animals. But depending on the character of each kitten and how you get them used to them from a young age, many times kittens will appreciate the company of another kitten. In this article we tell you about why it is convenient to have two cats at home.

Advantages of having two cats at home

The reality is that cats’ characters are somewhat different from dogs, which are much more sociable. However, cats are usually also very active and need some attention. If you are not willing or do not have time to provide your cat with some play sessions, that is a reason for you to think about having two cats at home. This way your cat will have a companion and in turn, both will become inseparable.

Having two cats at home usually brings more advantages than disadvantages, although it is always a good idea to plan the arrival of pets at home.

Two felines can get along well, taking into account, for example, that if you spend a long time away from home, they can keep each other company. In fact, a cat that scratches the furniture is very likely to stop having such attitudes if it has company. Remember that many times cats urinate outside the litter box or perform inappropriate behaviors in an attempt to get your attention. With two cats at home, these types of problems will tend to disappear.

On the other hand, cats tend to interact with each other better than with humans. That is to say, two cats in a play session know perfectly well the limit not to hurt each other with bites or scratches. On the other hand, a cat playing with a person can often end up scratching or biting more than it should, something that does not happen between two cats that are playing.

In this way, the company between two cats will be stimulating and they will learn to play, hunt, chase and fight in a friendly way. It is also quite possible that the activity will make them much more tired, so they are likely to stop bothering in the evening hours.

Cat brothers

If you have ever wondered if cats are able to recognize their siblings, the answer is yes, only if they have been raised together. A litter of kittens will recognize each other as siblings until they are twelve or thirteen weeks old. But if after that time they have separated, they will most likely not recognize each other as family.

On the contrary, if the kittens are siblings and are raised and live together until beyond twelve or thirteen weeks of age, they will be able to establish a very strong bond that will make a separation very difficult.

Occasionally, sibling cats that are put up for adoption and are already more than three months old are often given up together. This means that it will be difficult for a cat to separate from its siblings if they are past twelve or thirteen weeks of age and have always lived together.

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