Let’s know a little more about beagles

Beagles are adorable dogs that look like miniature beagles. They come from England and were used as hunting dogs. Even today, they still fulfill this function, but also serve as pets. It is a very beautiful and tender animal that usually does not exceed 15 kilos and 33-40 centimeters withers.

the beaglesTemperament of beagles

Beagles are ideal as pets for children, as they are very friendly dogs and are always ready to play. They are very tolerant with the little ones. As a hunting dog also stands out, it has a great sense of smell and an innate curiosity that makes it a beautiful and perfect explorer. Beagles are very sociable. They get along well with other dogs and are relatively easy to train.

Maintenance of beagles

Like any dog, they need daily exercise. You can take him for a run in a safe area or give him long walks on a leash. It is also recommended that he has toys and can entertain himself at home. A weekly brushing is enough to remove dead hairs and maintain its softness. With them it is necessary to monitor the intervertebral disc, glaucoma and epilepsy.