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Indoors or outdoors: how to give your cat the best of both worlds

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Cats are, along with dogs, our pets par excellence, have been with humans for more than a century. 8,000 years. But, even though our species is so familiar with them, to know taking care of them and giving them the best is something we should always learn.

What do I need to take care of my cat?

Cats are creatures with a wide margin of independence, but they will require your care and attention, create deep empathic bonds with their owners. Cats need space and the choice of exits is not always a matter of choice. of the owner. But as long as you maintain that special bond with your pet, you will always will come back and stay close to you.

So now you know, these are the two spaces that you must take into account: your home (their home), the place where you will and the outside world, where he will go out to explore, hunt or hunt, and the to play.



Indoors, put special attention to hygiene. Keep an eye on the water, felines need it as much as they need it. us, but if they observe that their water is not clean, they will not drink it. Ten toys for him that are safe, and you play too, cats need you to play with them. attention, or else they could become depressed like any pet.

Make your home a place insurance. Be especially careful with electrical wires, they love to play with them. them, so do not leave them within his reach while he is playing. It would also be good idea to have a scratching poster, cats love to climb, and it is a better there than on your furniture.

Away from home

Please note that our feline pets are similar to their wild counterparts, both psychically and psychologically. They are miniature hunters, they need challenges and challenges, need to feel useful and strong. Therefore, you must allow them to go out and hunt. on their own.

If they go outside, and they are with you, under your supervision, you may believe that they are safe, but they are nevertheless you must take some extra precautions. Go to the vet with him and keep an eye out for the vaccinations you may need. An antiparasitic is a must!

Be especially careful with your fur if it goes outdoors. If your cat has an abundant coat, groom it and comb it frequently to avoid ticks and any other critters that may and that, being outside, it can pick up with a lot of ease.

You should also consider the option of spaying or neutering your cat. If you are going to let your cat out freely, consider the possibility of pregnancy. If so, are you able to take care of their babies? This may not concern you if your cat is male, but keep in mind that the mating of a single pair of cats can result in as many as 80 million offspring over a 10-year period. Thinking about demographics, overpopulation and the maintenance of these future kittens is also our responsibility.

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