Incredible animal stories: Canelo waited 12 years for his owner to get out of hospital

If you were moved by the story of Capitan, the dog who lives next to his owner’s grave that we told you a few weeks ago, you have to meet Canelo, the dog who waited for 12 long years for his owner to get out of the hospital.

  Canelo the dog

We still find it almost unbelievable that these stories exist…. We know that dogs are faithful, grateful and loyal animals, but we are still surprised by the kindness in these furry ones.

Canelo was happy with his owner. And for his owner, Canelo was his companion, his most faithful friend, his constant support?
They did practically everything together. They spent practically the whole day together. Nothing can break such a friendship.

Among all that they did together, there was also the dialysis treatment that Canelo’s owner needed to undergo once a week due to his illness. It was not an easy time; but there Canelo was every week, accompanying his owner to the hospital door, looking at him with all the affection in the world as he entered and showing his unconditional love.

However, his health was failing and one of the times he went into the hospital for treatment, everything got complicated and he was unable to leave that day. Doctors fought for his life, but medical complications resulted in the death of Canelo’s owner.

The dog waited one day at the hospital gates, and another day, and another day, and another day…. He became a stray dog living in the vicinity where the hospital was located. And as he struggled to survive, each day he returned to the hospital doors in the hope of seeing his owner walk out the door.

He grew older there, waiting… and his end was by no means a happy one. One of the many days he waits, still hoping to return home with his owner, Canelo was run over and killed near the hospital.

He left after giving us a great lesson in unconditional love and loyalty. A lesson that moved Cadiz, the place where it all happened. So much so that the people of Cádiz decided to name a street and a square after him, “Canelo”, in honor and recognition of this dog for his immense affection, dedication and loyalty.