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How to teach a puppy its name

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Want to know how to teach a puppy its name? Although it may seem an unimportant fact, getting your dog to respond to his name is the basis of all dog obedience training. That’s why in this post we prepared some tips to teach your dog to recognize his name.

While it may be gratifying for your dog to respond to his name, it is very important that he knows how to do so as a control mechanism and even in emergency situations.

There are many distractions that can be of interest to your dog and cause him to lose focus. What you need is to gain their attention and make it rewarding for them not only to respond to you but also to interact with you.

Exercises to teach a puppy its name

Let’s take a look at some recommendations for teaching a puppy its name:

  • Prepare a quiet, noise-free environment for training your dog.
  • Practice about ten times a day
  • Say your dog’s name at a distance of half a meter to two meters.
  • Every time your dog looks at you when you say his name, choose a word of affirmation such as yes.
  • Reward with food or praise or both.
  • Make sure he relates the reward to his name recognition. You will be able to do this without asking for anything separate before giving him his treat. That is, when he looks at you when you pronounce his name and proceed to reward him, do not ask him for anything additional before you give him the reward.

In short, training your dog is a task that can soon be rewarded. With repetition and a lot of love and patience you will achieve very noticeable results in a short time. You may even notice that your dog seeks your attention without you asking for it first. You can reinforce this behavior with a reward that will encourage your pet to communicate with you on a regular basis.

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