How to remove a tick from a dog

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Do you know how to remove a tick from a dog?

Ticks are of the blood-sucking arthropod families and appear seasonally. Generally they appear in areas with abundant vegetation, unfortunately they can also be found in our gardens, especially when these are abundantly vegetated.

Unfortunately all pet owners have the annoying task of dealing with this undesirable pest, which is why this article is dedicated to making recommendations to remove ticks from your dog and protect your pet from them.

Ticks and symptoms

Ticks are animals that transmit infectious diseases and are not exclusive to pets, that is, any animal, even humans, are prone to be victims of a tick and subsequently contract infectious diseases.

During tick bites there are no identifying symptoms. Among the diseases transmitted by ticks we can mention the “LIME” disease.

How to remove a tick from a dog

When your dog is already attached to ticks is when you have the unpleasant task of removing them directly from the skin. This is a job of great dedication, since it is necessary to go over every inch of your dog’s skin to locate each tick.

How to remove a tick from a dog in 3 easy steps

Once a tick is located, it should be removed. For this purpose

  1. Grasping the tick by the head with a tweezers.
  2. Rotate the clamp as if you were unscrewing it. Keep in mind that ticks have a hooked beak, so you have to make a movement to remove the hook without hurting the dog.
  3. If tweezers are not available, you have no alternative but to remove it with your own fingers. In these cases, use latex gloves.

How to protect my dog from ticks

After having solved the problem of how to

Of course there are a variety of ways you can use to eliminate and prevent pets from getting fleas and ticks.

Among the most effective ways are the use of deworming products that can be purchased at your pet store as “Pipettes”, which are ampoules with active liquid inside, these ampoules are injected into the dog’s skin and have an effectiveness of one month for each application.

Another way to protect your dog from ticks is to provide the dog with “chewable tablets” that can be given in the dog’s food, it comes in presentations that depending on the weight of the dog are given the corresponding dose.

Finally, we have the use of the ” flea and tickcollar”, which provides protection for up to eight continuous months. Of course, there are other ways to avoid ticks on our dogs, such as natural remedies.

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