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How to dog-proof garbage cans

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Dogs often have a special attraction to garbage cans. At any moment of carelessness, they often take garbage dumps by assault. Therefore, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent your dog from accessing the garbage and ingesting something that could harm him.

Remember that maintaining a safe home for your pet is not just about avoiding toxic plants in the garden. You should also keep him away from garbage and the problems that come with having access to it.

In fact, there may be a number of products in the garbage that can harm you. For example, toxic products, poisons, bones and spoiled food. Even dogs can swallow inedible objects they find in the garbage. To complete, it is necessary to know that when a dog ingests something in bad condition it can have gastrointestinal problems. From vomiting and diarrhea to more serious problems.

Another problem is that it can generate contamination in the home if you take something out of the garbage and bring it home.

Dog-proof garbage cans

  • Secure lid. The first thing to note is that the trash can must have a lid. This lid must be airtight and tight fitting. This way the dog will not be able to open it.
  • Location. Another basic recommendation is to place the garbage in a high place where your pet cannot reach it. It can be a shelf or a cabinet. If it is not possible to place it in a high place, you can try to put it under the kitchen sink with a childproof lock.
  • Odor. The odors emanating from the garbage can be a powerful reason for your dog to seek it out. Therefore, avoid odors by washing the area frequently and depositing garbage daily in the designated collection site.
  • Avoid boredom. Sometimes, dogs can get into trouble simply because they are bored. Provides safe toys to keep him entertained and out of the garbage.
  • Food. If your dog doesn’t eat on time and stays hungry, he’s more likely to rummage through the garbage or anywhere he thinks he can find food. That’s why it’s important to make sure he gets the rations he needs and on time.

Why dogs like trash cans

While humans in general may find garbage at least unpleasant, dogs may find it quite the opposite. In fact, garbage cans can be a source of fun and entertainment for a dog.

Garbage usually emanates certain odors that instinctively attract your dog. This is because they can perceive these odors as a source of food. Food scraps that are often found in the garbage give off odors that will be attractive to your dog. Of course, in stray dogs this will be enhanced, since they have no one to feed them and rely on garbage to survive.

Another reason that can drive a dog is curiosity. A poorly closed garbage can can be an incentive for your dog to explore inside.

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